AMADeA SUSTAINSSpecialists’ Unified Support Team for Artsakh and Armenia INdigenous Society

   Visit of a medical Specialists’ Unified Support Team to Artsakh and Armenia to provide healthcare services to Indigenous Society. The visit of european experienced trauma surgeons, intensive care specialists, pediatricians, pain management and rehabilitation specialists, cardiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals to Artsakh clinics is planned to implement the most up to date and comprehensive treatment algorithms into the local system.

First collaborative project
Polyter Evo

   “AMADeA” starts its first collaborative project carried out with the participation of the “Research Institute of Resortology and Physical Medicine” of Armenia and leading physicians of Spain, which will allow clarifying questions in the field of rehabilitation of joint injuries.
   In this collaboration, with the support of the association and the active participation of the Armenian community of the Spain and Italy, “AMADeA” will provide the “Research Institute of Resortology and Physical Medicine” of Armenia with the latest generation equipment for physical medicine “Polyter Evo”, manufactured by the Italian company EME FISIO.

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