AMADeA´S mission is to contribute to the development of Medicine in Armenia 

   The recent situation in Armenia motivated us, Spanish citizens of Armenian origin, to unite in an association in December 2020 in order to work together to help change things in our homeland.
   Since most of us are doctors, it was decided to concentrate our efforts on using our professional skills and energy.

   AMADeA’s mission is to contribute to the development of Medicine in Armenia and thereby make Armenia a more modern and prosperous country in the future. We firmly share the vision that only by acting together in an organized and planned way, putting our common goals before personal interests, will we achieve our mission. AMADeA will develop its programs in the three fundamental areas of a health system: healthcare, education and research.

   Becoming a member of AMADeA is to help us work to build accessible and quality healthcare in Armenia. No member of the organization receives a salary or money for the work they do. All resources are used for the purposes of the association. We are a medical association but health matters to all of us, and improving medical care for the population in Armenia is our priority.



Charity telethon organized by AMADeA

Dear Friend,

For 4 months we worked without you, so that you could see that we had already learned how to make the first steps. To gain your trust. To make you sure that together we can build the road and reach the goal. To reach a future where Armenia won’t need medicine but will produce it, where it won’t have to send its patients to other countries for treatment, where its doctors won’t want to look for jobs in other countries but will work in Goris, Kapan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Stepanakert and Yerevan.

Today we want YOU to be part of this journey. Today we want to join our efforts with YOU.

Join AMADeA! Participate in a telethon!

On May 22, from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Spain time, from anywhere in the world, you can talk to us. We’ll be answering your questions.

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Symposium on Cardiovascular Diseases and Therapies

Dear colleagues, we cordially invite you to participate in the scientific Symposium on “Cardiovascular Diseases and Therapies” organized by the joint efforts of AMADeA and Eternal Nation Associations, the international organization Gateway Industry Inc, as well as the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian Association of Cardiologists and the National Institute of Health. The symposium will be held in Yerevan on June 19-20, 2021. During the meeting, presentations will be made by world known specialists and experts from Europe, the US, Russia, China, South Africa, etc.


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First collaborative project Polyter Evo

“AMADeA” will donate to the “Research Institute of Resortology and Physical Medicine” of Armenia the state-of-the-art equipment for physical medicine “Polyter Evo”, manufactured by the Italian company EME FISIO.

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Our programs

Medical assistance

  • Doctors from Spain (or other countries) carry out volunteer work in hospitals in Armenia
  • Provision of sanitary equipment to hospitals in Armenia that contribute to local development
  • Creation of medical centers in Armenia that offer advanced therapies
  • Promote medical tourism in Armenia
  • Education

    • Visits and stays of Armenian doctors in Spanish medical centers

    • Organization of courses, seminars, congresses in Armenia

    • Grants for participation in international conferences for Armenian physicians who have demonstrated high-level training programs:


    • Medical researchers from Armenia to stay in Spanish research centers

    • Contribute to scientific research in Armenia

    • Contribute to the defense of international doctoral dissertations in Armenia

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