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I am a health professional

If you are a professional in medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy
and you want to actively contribute to the improvement of health care in Armenia,
become a partner! Being permanent member is not only a periodic financial contribution, it also allows you to actively participate in the decision-making of the organization, promote projects and work together to create a healthier and more prosperous Armenia. In addition, the condition of being a permanent member is essential so that you can present your candidacy for a position on the Board of Directors in the next elections.

 Ordinary fee: 100 euros

Reduced fee (staff in training): 50 euros

Attach certificate of personnel in training

¡ BECOME A MEMBER 100 € !     ¡ BECOME A MEMBER 50 € !

I am an individual

We need the support of the entire community since health is everyone’s issue!

If you are not a health-related professional but want to participate, you can be added partner , means that you periodically make your valuable contribution without which we could not work (voluntary during the first year and € 100 from the second). Ordinary fee: voluntary contribution the first year, 100 euros from the 2nd year.


I am an organization

To work for access to health for all, we need everyone’s support. Companies, foundations and other private institutions collaborate by supporting our projects to strengthen health in Armenia and Artsakh. You can be a collaborating company with a minimum donation of 1,000 euros per year. You can also collaborate by encouraging your clients or staff to participate in our work.


1000 – 5000 eur: silver

5000 – 10000 eur: gold

more than 10,000 eur: platinum


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