“We all have the ability to improve the health and lives of others, in some way. But for that, constant teamwork, trust and volunteer spirit are needed.
I am sure that together we will have important achievements, where our work will be based on improving and strengthening the health system in Armenia, which as a result of several fateful coincidences that it has had to live, has been affected in recent years, on which the life of the population obviously depends.
There are many ways to collaborate and be part of AMADeA, to guarantee an advanced and safe healthcare system in Armenia. Join us!”

Siran Simonian

“It is our responsibility to put all the means for the development of health care in Armenia. We must aspire that all citizens of Armenia have access to quality public assistance. If all professionals work in our field to strengthen and develop it in our country, Armenia will be stronger. AMADeA was created for this purpose. Now more than ever we must work together. Armenians living abroad can contribute much more to our countrymen, friends and family who work to get ahead in our homeland. It is not only a question of roots, but also of the future of our children and of social justice.

Artur Sharluyan

“AMADeA was born in December in response to an emergent and essential need: to see our country, Armenia, more prepared and strong in the future.
As health personnel we will concentrate our efforts and work in the fields of medical assistance, medical education and research in Armenia. Our objectives will be oriented fundamentally to the medium and long term. Among our specific programs is the organization of stays of Armenian medical personnel in European centers and visits of personnel from here to Armenian hospitals, organization of scientific meetings, improvement of infrastructures and equipment in regional medical centers, promotion of medical research in Armenia among others.
We plan to carry out all this activity in a very organized and progressive way, responding to local needs and the situation.
Although AMADeA was born in Spain, our intention is to cross all borders. AMADeA is all of us who believe in the idea that the future of Armenia is to surpass the need for humanitarian aid and to become a modern, open and self-sufficient country.
We will be happy to share with everyone any ideas that we have. help walk in that direction. Let’s work together!”

Lilian Grigorian

“I believe that Armenia has great intellectual power and a bright future. I believe that Armenian doctors, with their level of practical skills and theoretical preparation, have nothing to envy their international colleagues. I believe that all together, Armenian doctors, nurses, health managers, biologists, and our friends and colleagues around the world, in collaboration with the Armenian medical community, we can create the medicine of the future in Armenia: with centers innovative doctors, with affordable treatments, with decent salaries for doctors, with a strong scientific and research base. And what do you believe in? If you live in Spain, and would like to participate in the creation of the medicine of the future in Armenia, we are waiting for you! “

Anna Vanesyan

“In these difficult days, it is more than clear that” our salvation is in the union of our forces. ” Unfortunately, for reasons that we all know and do not know, many of us are abroad, but our advantage now is that, because I trust that together we can bring the level of medicine in Armenia to the maximum, through the exchange of experiences. Therefore, I am ready to share my professional knowledge with our colleagues for the sake of a healthy and safe Armenian population. “

Artur Yesayan

“30 years ago, destiny made me an Armenian refugee, and the recent war made me relive and remember those years.
As an Armenian, and as a doctor, I feel a great need to help our land, that is why I am part of AMADeA .
I believe that united by the homeland and professional enthusiasm we can carry out and create good projects, and do our bit, to improve health in Armenia.
I hope that our association grows strongly, and that all our projects come true. “

Victoria Ayrian

“I join AMADeA to help my country and my colleagues in Armenia, to improve the medicine there, and in this way the health of my compatriots.
I wish that when years go by, the doctors in Armenia had the same training opportunities, without having to leave the country in search of other options abroad, which we will surely achieve with everyone’s work, and thus the general population will have better care and better health. See you!”

Mari Sargsyan

“I am part of AMADeA to join forces in a team of qualified professionals and committed human beings to contribute our bit in building a more just and supportive world. More specifically, so that the population of Armenia that has currently suffered the aggression of the war and the pandemic, feel our presence, and real strength with it, and can continue with hope and enthusiasm for mutual growth. “

Zina Mantashyan

“I am part of this exciting project, because I really believe in strengthening Armenia and the solidity of its Health System.
A hard work awaits us, but I am sure that the collaboration between the health professionals of Armenia and The diaspora will transform health care through the creation of models and structures of coordination, establishment of networks and work groups, in provision of resources, for the training of professionals, as well as tools for research, which allow the improvement of practice clinic.
I imagine an inclusive, equitable and equitable health system, a medical care centered on the person: that sees the individual as a whole, recognizes the multidimensionality of the patient as a person and ensures their dignity and autonomy. “

Nara Andreasyan

“ I decided to join AMADeA with great desire and great enthusiasm to help and support the doctors and the health system of Armenia, which is currently going through difficult times.
My mission at AMADeA is to defend and cooperate in the advancement and development of medicine in Armenia, acting in harmony, with a pioneering spirit, and building alliances. “

Tatevik Simonian

” Within the framework of AMADeA, I will do everything possible, so that in Armenia we can also have medicine at the same level as Europe; good professionals, with high knowledge. Therefore, I encourage all professionals in the medical sector, and make a call, to collaborate with AMADeA, joining the association. Our strength is in our union. Together we can create a powerful medical system in Armenia. “

Arpine Hovhannisyan

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